in Musing

Management is the most important section in a company


These days I'm not good at work. My boss doesn't behave good and he is always sad. He is trying to enforce us to develop as much as we can.

I asked him about it and he told me: Everything is going to be OK. "I'm normal and there is nothing to worry about", he said.

I think, he doesn't know how a manager can effect on his/her employees with these kinds of behaviors. When a manager is sad, all employees think that there is something wrong with the company for example, one of the company's projects has been failed.

In my opinion, a good manager is a person who always behave well at work. because he/she is a person that can make the company happy. When a manager is good, so the company is good too.

Because of these changes in our company, I decided to change it. So a manager may lost some of his/her employees.

I got an advise for you:

If you want to start working in a company, try to know the manger(s) as well as you can.