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What happened this year till now?

Thanks God - Photo taken from I think it’s time to talk about things that had been happened in this year (2008).

This year started with a good point. I took MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) Database Developer certification that was so costly. This was one of those certifications that made me feel professional for a while.

After that I changed my mind and focused on Microsoft .NET Framework more than ever. Because of that and with my friend Omid Mafakher’s helps, I improved a lot in .NET platform.

I have done lots of projects such as my Pocket PC Project, a Calculation framework, some web application, etc. I tried to pick some difficult project because as a matter of fact I didn’t care about money and my main concentration was on improvement and nothing else.

After that, I changed my office to another because of some problems I had. For example, they didn’t pay my payment for 4-5 months. I was so difficult to stand so I decided change my office to another company.

The new company business was different. It was based on hotel businesses like reservations, hotel accountings and more. When I went there, I realized, I know a lot because in my opinion they don’t know what’s what. So I employed as senior software engineer. It was so great to have a very cool title in a pretty large company in 21 years old.

It’s cool but to have a nice position but so late for me as I talked to my friend Amir, “It’s getting late”, I said. I know some people who’re working on development and have wider knowledge than me and of course they are much older but I’m thinking about being the best when I’m 25.

Just 4 years left. In order to be the best, I think I must think professional, behave professional and generally, live professional.