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Mac OS cursors instead of Windows when using Visual Studio Dark environment

Mac OS Cursors - Photo taken from A while ago, Scott Hanselman posted about “Visual Studio Programmers Theme Gallery” that contains some dark themes.

Using dark themes will help a developer because human eyes are sensitive toward light colors especially white. As you know, Visual Studio contains lots of light colors and the code view is almost white. Most of developers are building a custom theme for themselves that contains dark colors as you can see in Scott’s post.

When working with dark themes and Windows default cursors, it’s hard to recognize some of the cursors such as Text Select cursor. Today I told one of my developer friends to use dark schema instead of light to have less tiredness and he told me I cannot recognize cursors; so what to do?

Every developer have his/her own solution but I myself prefer to use Mac OS cursors instead of Windows cursors because it contains both white and black colors which helps you out to recognize the cursor in any environment.

You can download Mac OS cursors in one Zip file by click here.