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Are you satisfied of Windows 7?

I'm not satisfied of Windows 7 - Photo taken from: Few months ago, Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 7 and encouraged everyone especially developers to install it. “This version is out of this world!” said Microsoft. So I downloaded and installed it and I was decided to migrate from Windows Vista SP1 to 7.

Everything was fine and Windows installed successfully; so I saw the Windows 7’s new look and said “WOW! What a look!” Then checked out some new features such as its calculator, the new Windows Gadget Box, Multi-Photo background and more I thought that Windows 7 will be a good Windows.

The problems started when want to install my drivers. I started to install my Creative Sound Blaster and suddenly the Windows crashed and showed me the blue screen! I restarted my computer and saw that Windows was trying to send some information about my issue to Microsoft. I selected OK. My cell phone rang and I started to talk to one of my friends for about 15mins. I came back and saw that Windows still send anonymous information about my issue to Microsoft! So I checked my network traffic and realized that the information was about 100Mb (WHAT THE HELL!!!).

I canceled the operation and continued to install some applications such as Antivirus but I couldn’t because it doesn’t support my Antivirus software (Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2008). I tried to install Windows Live OneCare because I thought that Microsoft may have done something for this issue at least on its own Antivirus but when I started to install it, said that “Windows Live OneCare doesn’t support your operating system”. “OH MY GOD, WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?” I said.

I continued without any Antivirus software and I decided to synchronize my music to my device using the new Windows Media Player 12. I’m converting my music to WMA 64Kb/s whenever want to synchronize to my device because of its capacity (Only 4 GB). I’m using Windows Media Player for Windows Vista in order to do so but that time when I wanted to so such a thing in Windows 7, it showed me an error!

Those were some of problems I had when tried Windows 7. No sound card, No Antivirus, etc. In my opinion, Windows 7 is not reliable at least at this point (Beta version) and because of that, I removed it and moved back to Windows Vista SP1.