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Overweight is hurting me

It’s about a year that I really upset about my weight and I did anything to solve this issue but nothing happened. I went to a doctor whose profession was nutrition and asked him to do something. He told me to take a blood test for my thyroid gland but after I took the result of that test, found out that my thyroid gland has no problem.

I started to exercise in order to lose fat by registering in a bodybuilding club but some stuff like my job, family problems, etc. prevented me to continue. I also used to go to a park near my house and ran for an hour every night but it had no effect.

There are a lot of websites which give you lots of information about losing fat and I think the best one is MSN Health. I read a lot of articles there and tried to control my eating but as a matter of fact, I am a developer who’re spending a lot time behind a table and developing applications. For instance, I spend about 4 hours on my new project (System.Web.Portal) today because I’m going to release the first beta version in few weeks and as I know, there is no way!

A few days ago, I decided to go outdoors more and walk on 10 PM every night because I’m busy every day until that time. If you have any idea about how can I lose fat, please comment it.