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The first hard-working experience in 2009

Photo taken from: It’s about 2-3 weeks that I’m very busy and I have no time to do anything! As a matter of fact, I’m handling 3 applications in one time and it’s very difficult to manage these works together. In this post I’m going to describe a little about my projects.

Pocket PC application

As I mentioned before, I’ve developed an application based on Windows Mobile which enables waiters to take customer’s orders much easier and without any paper. Most of this application’s sections are as same as other applications except that, they have lots of specific accounting calculations and some of them are extremely difficult to implement.


This self-project needs a lot of codes! I’ve finished a starting point of its engine and one of its modules and currently I’m currently working on the second module of this portal. For more information about System.Web.Portal, you can check out my previous post about it.

Travel Agency Application

My main work is a reservation application for a travel agency. In fact, it has a lot to do and the application is so big! It’s about 4-5 months that I’m working on it and it doesn’t finished yet!

My usual work

It’s a natural thing that I’m working for a company; so I have to go to work every morning and come back every afternoon. This part waist my time a lot but it’s necessary and company doesn’t care about my other applications so I have to do my best at work.