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Some of the disadvantages of WCF Data Services

ODataSince I’m working with WCF Data Services as my project’s data source, I’ve experienced some cons in WCF data services and going to share with you now. I hope Microsoft find a solution for these:

  • Some of lambda expressions don’t work on WCF Data Services. I want to list a few of these. (In some cases, lambda expressions can be replaced with old style LINQ but I prefer to use lambda):
  • Sub-queries are not supported in WCF data services.
  • Debugging in WCF data services is such a pain in the neck.
  • Application security. Implementing role based security in WCF data services is very difficult as I’m currently planning to implement a role based security in my application.

Maybe there are solutions for any of the items above but I don’t know about them. If you really know, update this post by sending comments.