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Internet connection speed in Iran is everyone’s problem these days

I really can say this: “The World is required an internet connection to move on”. Nearly all people who work with computers/mobile-based devices are working online so the internet is something necessary.

Old 33.6 modemI can remember days that I was using Dial-Up connections in order to connect to the internet. The process for connecting to the internet was so boring and also the internet connection’s speed was so slow (about 33.600 kbps since I can remember). After sometime, Modern Dial-Up modems showed up with 56 kbps; and it was a huge move since the first generation of modems, in my opinion. 56kbps V92 US ROBOTIC ModemFor about 5 year or so, Iranian people had accessed the internet using 56 kbps modems and after that, the first company in Iran introduced ADSL service to the market. I think this was the most important event in internet service providing in Iran. They were providing 128kbps internet for the commercial use and 64kbps for home use. But the problem was their price that was so expensive. Only a few range of people in Iran could bought those services and most of the people trying to get used to traditional dial-up connections because they couldn’t afford ADSL.

Today's Adsl modemAs the world grows, the internet grows side-by-side and it’s a fact that these days every single person needs a high speed internet connection for doing everyday tasks.

In developed countries, most people can’t live without the internet because tasks are becoming online and people are preferred to stay behind their desks and get their jobs done.

The quality of connection is also matters. People want to access the internet easily. They want to access their websites as fast as possible and one of the most important factors is SPEED!

Unfortunately, the internet connection’s speed is awful in Iran and also the government has limited the internet connection’s speed for home use. Currently, they offer 128kbs connections for home and up to 2Mbps for commercial use. The price of 2Mbps connection is so expensive, by the way! As far as I know, it’s about 210 USD per month! I know that the limitations for internet connections have relationships with politics in Iran but this speed I talked about is nothing compared other countries.

People want to see more of the web and they need more speed of internet connection. I think government should do something for internet connection’s speeds and find a solution. In my opinion, the minimum speed for internet speed is 2Mbps for home use!