Introducing an awesome asyc file uploader, “ManageMedia”

Yesterday, one of my best friends, Omid Mafakher, called and told me about one of his project which he’s working on for a while and as I checked it out, realized that this is so cool so I decided to share it with you too.

I know there are some Asyc File Uploaders available right now like AjaxControlTookit.AsycUploader and such but this control is something different! Actually, you may have seen such a thing on a few websites like Google and Facebook!

ManageMedia Snapshot

Besides, there are lots of useful features in this library as well like image resizing, watermark, background and foreground settings, etc.

Here’s the list of key features:

  • Upload file up to any size in .NET.
  • Validate the file (size, type) before uploading.
  • Upload with progress (Size, Speed, Time, Total Size, etc.)
  • Upload to temp file during upload.
  • Save uploaded file with too many configurations.
  • Manage the Image file and save in any format (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.)
  • Save image in any size.
  • Resizing styles: "Center, Tile, Stretch, Zoom, CenterIfNoZoom, Corp (Facebook style)".
  • Set the Background and Foreground in your image.
  • Change the image Alpha and Resolution.
  • HttpHandler for generating images.
  • HttpModule for generating unsaved or deleted images.
  • web.config Section for Multiple settings to save file and image.
  • web.config Section to manage HttpHandler and HttpModule.

Fortunately, my friend has published it in CodePlex as an open source project so you can enjoy using it for free! You can click the link below to access and download this library from CodePlex:

I highly recommend you to check this out! And comment your feedback here or in its official CodePlex page.

Hope you like it.