How to lock the function keys in HP laptops

Photo taken from: really believe that HP is one of the best brands in computer industry with its great products. In fact, I’m currently using a HP G62 laptop and I’m really satisfied but one of the things that made me sad about it was the function keys.

As you know, I’m a software developer and using Visual Studio IDE. One of the most important shortcut keys in Visual Studio is F5 that complies and runs the application you’re developing. Since the function keys in HP laptops (some of models) are disabled by default, you have to hold the “fn” key and then press F5 in order to compile your application and it will bother you, I swear!

So in this post, I’m going to show you how you can disable the action keys and get back to the old-style keyboard.

There are lots of solutions over the web. Here’s an example from

1. Press the "Fn" and "Num Lk" keys on the keyboard simultaneously. The "Number Lock" indicator light should turn off, indicating that the letter keys will once again type letters when pressed. This combination should work on the majority of recent HP laptops. If it does not, try one of the alternate key combinations in this article’s remaining steps.

2. Press the "Fn" and "F11" keys simultaneously, then attempt to type a letter. If the combination does not work, continue to the next step.

3. Press the "Fn" and "Scroll Lock" keys simultaneously, then attempt to type a letter. Continue to the next step if this does not work.

4. Press the "Fn," "Scroll Lock" and "F11" keys simultaneously.


Unfortunately, this works only in few models of HP laptops not all of them!

The Solution

  • All you have to do is to go to your machine’s BIOS configuration by pressing F10 on system startup.
  • In the configuration page, navigate to System Configuration tab
  • And finally disable the [Action Key Mode]
  • You’re done!

Now you don’t need to hold “Fn” key when want to press F keys. but if you want to let’s say turn your volume up, you need to hold the “Fn” key.

Hope it helps.

Play nearly all video files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

One of the problems that most of iOS users have is the lake of videos’ extensions support in iOS because it only supports MPEG4 (m4v, mp4) videos. So for instance, if you want to play an AVI video in your iOS device, you have to convert it to MPEG4 and then add it to your iTunes library.

In fact, video encoding is a very time consuming operation and most of people aren’t patient enough for it. About 3 weeks ago I found an app in the AppStore that was so cool and in this post I want to write about my very own experience about it.

The app

GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player

Description From owner

No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, Divx, DAT,VOB,FLV,WMV ,MKV,MP4,RM,RMVB,AC3,HTTP,FTP,RTSP,MMS,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP,UPnP and UDP etc…
Files and streaming directly on iOS devices. Just transfer the media files to your iOS devices by iTunes File Sharing or over Wi-Fi, then it can be played at once. With built-in downloader and browser, it is not just a local movie player, it is "Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player" in fact. And,iPad 2 A5 CPU dual core decoding is supported.


✔ Swipe fingers up/down on playing, to change the subtitle or turn off subtitle on the fly (for media files with subtitles)
✔ Swipe fingers left/right on playing, to change the audio track on the fly (for media files with multiple audio tracks)
✔ TV out/VGA out support , HDMI TV-out and Video Mirroring support( for iPad & iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4 only, please note iPod plugin playing in application does not support TV-out, only native application playing support TV-out)
✔ Universal, supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
✔ srt,smi,"idx+sub",mkv embedded subtitle supported
✔ Lots of subtitle language encoding supported
✔ 24 bits true color, no color information missed
✔ "Open In" feature supported: open video and audio files from Mail
email attachments and Safari web browser
✔ 3gp,aac,ac3,ape,asf,avi,cue,dat,divx,dts,dv,f4v,flac,flv,gxf,iso,m1v,m2p,m2t,m2ts,
rm,rmvb,tp,ts,vob,webm,wm,wma,wav,wmv file formats supported
✔ Subtitle font, font size and font color customization
✔ DTS/AC-3 5.1 audio supported, downmix to stereo
✔ HTTP, FTP, RTSP,MMS,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP and UDP streaming playback
✔ goodplayer:// URL scheme
✔ Auto repeat playback current file switch supported, the default is off.
✔ Built-in file manager supported: move files from folder to folder inside of app,file,delete,file rename,folder creation,folder delete
✔ Two full screen modes: "Crop on Fullscreen" and "Fit on Fullscreen"
✔ Playlist support: every folder is a playlist. Just move the files to a folder, and set the "Settings"–>"Playback"—> "Auto Repeat" to "All Files Loop". During the playback, the files in the folder will be played back one by one automatically.
✔ iPad 2 dual core decoding supported. For iPad 2, dual-core of A5 chip could be used to decode at the same time.
For iPad 2, 720P(1280×720) MKV/H.264/AVC playback supported
For iPad 2, 1024×576 RealVideo (RM/RMVB) playback supported
For iPad 1, 720P(1280×720) AVI/MPEG-4 playback supported
✔ Folder password protection
✔ Left/Right/Stereo Audio Channel selection
✔ HTTP/FTP WiFi file sharing
✔ Blocker for iTunes Sync file backup
✔ SMB/ CIFS/Samba browse/download/streaming supported
✔ UPnP/DLNA supported
✔ AirPlay supported (Note:only for iPod plugin playback mode)







Hope it helps.