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Things you should keep in mind when want to update your computer’s bios

BIOSIt’s about 15 years, give or take, I’m working with computers and believe me yesterday was the first time I attempted to update my computer bios!

During this process, I’ve experienced some amazing stuff and I’m going to share them with you too.

My laptop is a HP G62-a22SE and I like it a lot. I do lots of things with it such as programming, listening to music, surfing the web and gaming sometimes. Yesterday, a friend of mine, suggest me to update my laptop’s bios because it will increase the computer’s performance. So I decided to update it!

I searched for “drivers and support downloads” for my laptop in HP website and found the latest bios update for it which was released in December, 2011. I downloaded and executed the bios update and after it finished, my laptop’s LCD just died!!! It took about 5-6 hours of hard working to get back to normal!!! So because it was a pain in the neck, I highly recommend keeping these tips in your mind before attempting to update your PC’s bios.

Backup your files

It’s necessary to backup your computer before start updating your bios. Also, it’s important to backup in an external drive because your hard drive won’t be accessible if anything wrong happened during update process.

Don’t execute the update app without knowledge

Bios update is not like other applications. When you run the updater, there’s no way to reinstall or uninstall it. Also, most of software updates DON’T get the confirmation for starting the update task and they start immediately after your execute the updater!

Update your PC’s bios only if it’s necessary

All in all, it’s so important to keep in mind that updating your bios is not necessary at all! If your computer is working OK, so you don’t need bios update!

Hope it helps