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My own experience on Ubuntu Linux

Linux LogoOne thing I really like all the time is exploring new stuff, especially in computer’s world. I believe it’s the nature of every programmer in the world. About one month ago, I decided to start working with a new OS except Microsoft Windows and Mac OS; so switched to a Linux OS. As far as I know, Ubuntu is the easiest Linux ever (Some people believe OpenSUSE is better) so I decided to install the latest version of it on my laptop which is HP G62-a22SE (As you may know from my previous posts).


Linux is a very cool in installation process just like Mac OS. You can have full experience of an OS before installation. It means that the OS boots up right from its CD.

Partitioning is Linux is completely different from Windows. If you’re working with Windows, you need to be careful when partitioning your drives because on mistake can erase everything! Those people who have worked with Mac OS are familiar with this kind of partitioning. For more information about Linux partitioning schema check this out:

Installation progress in Linux is so cool too. The coolest thing is that basic user questions like administrator’s name/password, location and time zone, language options, etc. will be asked while installation is running in background so you won’t waist anytime during installation progress.

Another cool thing is that your network adaptors are automatically installed in the installation and you’re connected! There’s an option in the installation that can be set for automatic update so your OS will be updated right after the installation! Ubuntu automatically connects to the internet and receive latest updates while the OS is installing on your machine.

It took about 10-20 minutes to clean-install Ubuntu depends on your computer’s configuration.


The interface of the Linux depends on the type of Linux you’re installing. Some of them don’t have special appearances and some of them have. For instance, Ubuntu is very gorgeous because it has designed for personal use but fedora has a very simple UI. The Ubuntu UI is very similar to Mac OS. It has an application bar on the bottom of the screen and menu bar on the top. Working with Ubuntu is very simpler than other versions of Linux. Everything has made easy in this OS.


Performance is one of the key factors in Linux based Operating Systems. They’re all fast and responsive and they use all of the CPU resources to do a task faster. Because of this, your computer’s CPU temperature is a little higher than Windows. In my opinion, this OS is not built for laptops because their CPUs are weak. My own HP G62 laptop is getting very hot when working with Ubuntu on it. I think, Windows doesn’t use all CPU resources and because of this, you computer’s CPU temp won’t get high.


Ubuntu Software CenterUbuntu applications’ ranges are not as wide as Windows or Mac apps but in these couple of years, Linux developers have done a great job developing apps. The number of Linux applications is much larger than before but still not enough for many of us.

There’s an application named “Wine” which is so cool! You can run many of Windows applications on Linux. They’re currently support lots of applications and frameworks. You can also checkout their application’s database to see if they support your specific application.

Recently, they’ve implemented a new application on Ubuntu name “Ubuntu Software Center”. In a sentence, it’s just like an Apple AppStore but for Ubuntu applications. You can purchase and download any application you need. Most of the applications there are free but some of them are not.

Drivers & Support

As you may know, Linux Operating Systems are free and open source so obviously you shouldn’t expect any support from it. Although, they have a support system and forums for solving users’ problems but there’s no grantee at all! If you’re going to use a Linux OS, you have to keep in mind that you’re on your own.

The next point you have to consider is the drivers. Linux has the minimum number of users around the world as you can see in the following chart:

Usage share of web client operating systems

So hardware companies pay less attention to it. For example, AMD hasn’t released any reliable driver for ATI graphic card. You can search the web to see how many people who’ve ATI graphic cards have issues working in Linux OS.


Linux is very powerful OS in the world of Operating Systems’ world, but it’s not suitable for anyone. In a sentence, Linux is an advanced Operating System. If you’re an IT professional, maybe it’s suitable for you. In my very own opinion, Linux is good for PC not laptop! Because laptops’ batteries are limited and they can’t support an OS that uses all resources! If you’re going to develop Linux-based applications, I recommend using Mac OS.

All in all, it’s a very very powerful OS at no cost! Don’t forget that Linux OS is free and a lot of smart people working on it.

Hope it helps.

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