The most important thing in my life

My ring

People have different goals. One wants to have a lot of money, another wants to have a good position in his job, one need to have a comfortable/quiet life, etc. I myself like the last one. I believe you must have a comfortable life in order to have money, good job’s position and so on; otherwise, you can’t achieve any of them!

Obviously, everybody tries to achieve their goals; and I like to achieve my goals just like others; and do all my best to achieve them.

Now I’ve achieved the most important goal in my life!!!

More than a year ago, I met someone who has changed my entire life. I never thought someone can affect me like that. Since then, I never felt any difficulty and my life is going much easier than before. But there was a problem: What if I lose her!? (Because I think I can’t live without her!)

When I realized she has the same feelings, we’ve decided to do something that nothing can separate us from each other!

We’ve engaged and plan to get married as so as possible!

Yeah that’s true! Nothing can make me happier but living with a person I love.

From now on, I can focus with all of my power on my job because I’ve achieve that I’ve been looking for; so I have to do my best to make my wife happier 🙂

I like to take a moment and thank my wife for being with me and tell her I love you <3