Working on my own

I have worked for variety of companies and organization during my carrier. The last one was Site Saz; a leading company in CMS development and web design in Iran. Yes it’s true! I decided to leave Site Saz last week and work on my own from now on.

The main reason I left Site Saz is the time! As a matter of fact, the time is a very big problem when working for a company (especially in Iran). As a case in point, you should spend about 10-12 hours a day, when working for a company/organization. If you don’t agree, calculate it! When I was working at Site Saz, I couldn’t get my tasks done because I didn’t have time for them!

I had spent some of my best moments in my life at Site Saz; and, the company helped me a lot during that time; in addition, I’ve done the best I could to help the grow. Besides, my colleagues were awesome and most of them are my friends now. I have always been proud of having such great colleagues; and it’s always a pleasure for me to work with them. I wish them success.

But, everybody has a vision; and, my vision is to work on my own. I have a lot of plans to do and lots of goals to achieve, and now, I have more time to work on my own stuff.

“I can’t guarantee I’m making the right choices, but nonetheless, I am choosing my own adventure.” – @codinghorror

I’ll keep blogging about stuff I’m going to do in future 🙂

Wish me luck.