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Find out how your customers interact with your mobile apps with Flurry

It’s about three months I’m developing iOS applications for Pichak. When developing apps that going to have a lot of users and want your apps to be successful, you need to know how users working with it.

Gathering usage data is a pretty easy task in web applications because users must visit your website which is hosted on your server; therefore, you can get almost any kind of data you need. On the contrary, when it comes to mobile apps, gathering such data is a pain in the neck; but, some companies have established handy tools which help you get usage data much easier. There are a lot of services out there you can use but I really recommend you to use Flurry!

Introducing Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a FREE service you can use to understand how your customers interact with your mobile applications. Flurry has a lot of features (all of them are free to use) and I want to mention some of its important features from in my opinion:

  • It’s Free (Again)!
  • It support all major mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also supports Blackberry, HTML5/Hybrid Apps/MobileWeb and JavaME
  • It supports crash report! So when you app crashes the Flurry service send you the error! So you know exactly when, where and how the error happened.
  • It support Geo-location; so you can see where your users coming from. This feature is very useful. You can use location data to plan for your app’s future and add more languages to it based on these data.
  • It’s very easy to implement. It takes about 5 minutes getting things ready and about 30 seconds to implement it in each part of your application.
  • It works asynchronously so your customers won’t realize it.
  • It supports SSL encryption so you can be sure usage data won’t be stolen.
  • It still sending you data even if the app is in background.
  • Gathered data can be categorized by age, gender and more.

How to get started

The first think you need to do is to sign up for a free Flurry account. Then, you can submit your app and it gives you an API key. In fact the API key is almost all you need. Depend on your app’s platform you can download the SDK and adding it to your application.

I used the iOS version of the SDK and it was supper easy to use. All I needed to do was to add Flurry’s library and Flurry.h header file to my application! Boom! Everything was ready to start!

I hope you use this service and enjoy and I do.