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Why don’t you enable comments!?

One of the best tasks I’ve done last week was to revise my Feedly feeds. I removed some feeds which hadn’t been upgraded recently and also added some new feeds. I also came across some Persian bloggers and added their feeds as well.

Yesterday I was reading a post by a blogger about technical matters. I thought I can complete the blogger’s idea by adding a comment. When I wanted to do so, I realized that the comments are closed! When checked other post by that person, I found out that there’s no comment capabilities at all! Why?

One of the biggest purpose of blogging is to share your experience with others. No one in the universe is complete enough; consequently, there might be other thought that can complete your ideas which are posted on your blog. Some of the times, I find my solutions in the comments rather than the post itself.

I know there might be some S P A M M E R s out there which can bother you; but, lot of blog extensions and plugins are available today to reduce them. Comments could also be moderated to avoid inappropriate contexts. There are also other options which can be used like Disqus. It’s a very powerful comment system which can be installed very easily on your blog. It manages all comments on your blog. I also used Disqus on my blog too.

If your blog comments are disabled, please re-enable it to improve your knowledge.

Thank you 🙂