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Recordium is now on AppStore top charts!

Recordium is one of the apps we’re working on at Pichak. It’s getting more and more popular everyday, because users love its unique features. Yesterday we’ve celebrated its first birthday. One year ago, the Recordium released to help users record their moments. It makes it easier to record your voice memos and annotate them at the same time.
10359030_774857019211516_3250373144789554679_oSince it’s Recordium’s first anniversary, we decided to make it Free for a very limited time (It’s still free as I’m writing this post). Hurry!

From the first hours of this promotion, the app rocked the store! We hit number 1 (in productivity and business categories) in some countries including Australia, Germany, and more! Yeah this is pretty impressive!
The following is the latest top charts from the App Store:
14 - 1
I think it’s a good time to say that I am proud of working with such talented people. The team at Pichak spent months to develop something lovely for the users.
Lots of new cool stuff are about to happen in Recordium including lots of new features and improvements. By the time, we’ve released Recordium Mini, a compact version of Recordium Pro for those users who just want to highlight their voices. Lots of good news are coming soon. Stay tuned 😉

  • Hamid Rezazadeh

    Terekondan haye pishtari dar rah asstt…. [Enshallah]