A better cross-platform client for Longman dictionary

During past 7 years, I have always been into learning English; not only because it’s the language I really like, but learning a new language opens new gates into a new world with new people and new ideas.

Although English is a key language in worldwide communications, but if your native language is English, it’s also good to learn a new language such as French or Spanish.

When it comes to learning a new language, having a good dictionary is a must. For me, Longman dictionary is a good one. Because the dictionary is for learners (Built for those who are learning English) not native speakers, it has lots of examples and the definitions are very easy to understand.

When I’m using my Windows machine, I use its wonderful app. It’s one of the bests, in my opinion. But, when it comes to Mac, unfortunately, I realized that the app DVD doesn’t have any OS X app included.

ldoce_earthI Googled about it and suddenly came across an app called LDOCE5 Viewer. The app uses the Longman dictionary database as the source and acts like its client.In fact, it does things that the Longman official app itself doesn’t!

Once you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to specify the Longman database. The Longman database is a folder in the official DVD called “ldoce5.data”. To be able to use the app, you need to copy that folder to a place in hard drive; then, specify that folder to the app. Once the data folder specified, the app starts indexing the dictionary data. It may take a few minutes to complete according to your machine’s performance. The app is also  available for Windows and Linux as well.

To download it visit its official website at: https://forward-backward.co.jp/ldoce5viewer/