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The way Windows 10 updates machine’s drivers is awesome

I am a Windows (10) fan and I am proud of it. I am telling this because these days most people I meet prefer to use non-Windows operating systems such as Linux and OS X. In fact, in the community I am dealing with these days, working with non-Windows operating systems is a way of showing geekness.

But I love Windows 10 and I am using it almost everyday and I am proud of it.

One of the cool things Microsoft has done in Windows 10 (It started to test it in Windows 8.1) is the way it updates your machine’s drivers. Previously, you had to visit a hardware manufacturer website to get the latest drivers for your machine but with Windows 10, you don’t need to do such a thing anymore. I think Microsoft negotiated with hardware manufacturing companies such as AMD, Intel, etc., and told them to send their drivers to Microsoft every time they released a new version so the driver updates can be shipped to users via Windows Update automatically.

The following picture shows that Windows Update automatically updated my graphic cards and printer drivers:

Windows Update updates drivers automatically

This way of upgrading has lot of advantages over the previous ways.¬†First of all, it prevents the user from downloading a incompatible driver. Windows recognizes the model of each hardware and installs the appropriate driver. Second, since most Windows users turn the automatic update option on, they always have the latest driver. The latest driver you have, the more reliable your machine works. Last but not least, you don’t have to be worry about anything; it just works.

I know most of you may had bad experiences using previous versions of Windows; but Windows 10 is a very reliable OS and I highly recommend you to start using it if you haven’t yet.