Choose an appropriate programming language before start a new project


Last night my wife asked me about ways to create GUI applications using C++ (She’s currently teaching C++ fundamentals to some high school students). I suggested her to use frameworks like MFC on Windows and Qt for cross-platform development.

After she described the project more, I instantly suggested her to use C# rather than C/C++. Her project was a simple GUI app that simply shows some messages according to user’s input. In addition, she wanted the app to run on Windows OS only.

Low-level languages like C or C++ should be used for low-level developments such as drivers, kernels, etc. Companies like Microsoft and Oracle created much simpler to use languages; so, why should we use such low-level languages for simple apps?

As a developer, I know using low-level languages are much cooler and geekier; but, in most cases, high-level languages does the work much easier and faster!

Before start any project please analyze and choose an appropriate programming language.