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A way to (temporarily) solve the X11 crash when updating systemd-udev

Fedora 24

Fedora 24 is released a few month ago and I’m a big fan of it. I use it as my primary OS and very satisfied (Maybe I blog about why I like Fedora over other Linux Distros in the future). My main computer is a HP G62 with hybrid graphics (An Intel HD 4000 and an ATI Readon).

After upgrading to Fedora 24 (I usually perform a clean install), I’ve noticed that X crashes whenever I update systemd-udev package. I have searched a lot over the internet but couldn’t find anyways to solve the problem until today when saw this post. I realized that this is a known issue (Bug #1341327 and #1378974).

However, I found a way to temporarily solve this and upgrade systemd-udev. Whenever you saw an update available for systemd-udev, simply do the following:

  • Logout to Gnome login window
  • Press Alt+Ctrl+F2 to launch a new terminal
  • Login as root
  • Upgrade the systemd-udev package by using dnf upgrade systemd-udev
  • After the upgrade process finished, press Alt+Ctrl+F1 to get back to the login window. Done!

I know this may sound ridiculous; but, by the time of this post, there is no other ways 🙂

Hope it helps