The most important thing in my life

My ring

People have different goals. One wants to have a lot of money, another wants to have a good position in his job, one need to have a comfortable/quiet life, etc. I myself like the last one. I believe you must have a comfortable life in order to have money, good job’s position and so on; otherwise, you can’t achieve any of them!

Obviously, everybody tries to achieve their goals; and I like to achieve my goals just like others; and do all my best to achieve them.

Now I’ve achieved the most important goal in my life!!!

More than a year ago, I met someone who has changed my entire life. I never thought someone can affect me like that. Since then, I never felt any difficulty and my life is going much easier than before. But there was a problem: What if I lose her!? (Because I think I can’t live without her!)

When I realized she has the same feelings, we’ve decided to do something that nothing can separate us from each other!

We’ve engaged and plan to get married as so as possible!

Yeah that’s true! Nothing can make me happier but living with a person I love.

From now on, I can focus with all of my power on my job because I’ve achieve that I’ve been looking for; so I have to do my best to make my wife happier 🙂

I like to take a moment and thank my wife for being with me and tell her I love you <3

My own experience on Ubuntu Linux

Linux LogoOne thing I really like all the time is exploring new stuff, especially in computer’s world. I believe it’s the nature of every programmer in the world. About one month ago, I decided to start working with a new OS except Microsoft Windows and Mac OS; so switched to a Linux OS. As far as I know, Ubuntu is the easiest Linux ever (Some people believe OpenSUSE is better) so I decided to install the latest version of it on my laptop which is HP G62-a22SE (As you may know from my previous posts).


Linux is a very cool in installation process just like Mac OS. You can have full experience of an OS before installation. It means that the OS boots up right from its CD.

Partitioning is Linux is completely different from Windows. If you’re working with Windows, you need to be careful when partitioning your drives because on mistake can erase everything! Those people who have worked with Mac OS are familiar with this kind of partitioning. For more information about Linux partitioning schema check this out:

Installation progress in Linux is so cool too. The coolest thing is that basic user questions like administrator’s name/password, location and time zone, language options, etc. will be asked while installation is running in background so you won’t waist anytime during installation progress.

Another cool thing is that your network adaptors are automatically installed in the installation and you’re connected! There’s an option in the installation that can be set for automatic update so your OS will be updated right after the installation! Ubuntu automatically connects to the internet and receive latest updates while the OS is installing on your machine.

It took about 10-20 minutes to clean-install Ubuntu depends on your computer’s configuration.


The interface of the Linux depends on the type of Linux you’re installing. Some of them don’t have special appearances and some of them have. For instance, Ubuntu is very gorgeous because it has designed for personal use but fedora has a very simple UI. The Ubuntu UI is very similar to Mac OS. It has an application bar on the bottom of the screen and menu bar on the top. Working with Ubuntu is very simpler than other versions of Linux. Everything has made easy in this OS.


Performance is one of the key factors in Linux based Operating Systems. They’re all fast and responsive and they use all of the CPU resources to do a task faster. Because of this, your computer’s CPU temperature is a little higher than Windows. In my opinion, this OS is not built for laptops because their CPUs are weak. My own HP G62 laptop is getting very hot when working with Ubuntu on it. I think, Windows doesn’t use all CPU resources and because of this, you computer’s CPU temp won’t get high.


Ubuntu Software CenterUbuntu applications’ ranges are not as wide as Windows or Mac apps but in these couple of years, Linux developers have done a great job developing apps. The number of Linux applications is much larger than before but still not enough for many of us.

There’s an application named “Wine” which is so cool! You can run many of Windows applications on Linux. They’re currently support lots of applications and frameworks. You can also checkout their application’s database to see if they support your specific application.

Recently, they’ve implemented a new application on Ubuntu name “Ubuntu Software Center”. In a sentence, it’s just like an Apple AppStore but for Ubuntu applications. You can purchase and download any application you need. Most of the applications there are free but some of them are not.

Drivers & Support

As you may know, Linux Operating Systems are free and open source so obviously you shouldn’t expect any support from it. Although, they have a support system and forums for solving users’ problems but there’s no grantee at all! If you’re going to use a Linux OS, you have to keep in mind that you’re on your own.

The next point you have to consider is the drivers. Linux has the minimum number of users around the world as you can see in the following chart:

Usage share of web client operating systems

So hardware companies pay less attention to it. For example, AMD hasn’t released any reliable driver for ATI graphic card. You can search the web to see how many people who’ve ATI graphic cards have issues working in Linux OS.


Linux is very powerful OS in the world of Operating Systems’ world, but it’s not suitable for anyone. In a sentence, Linux is an advanced Operating System. If you’re an IT professional, maybe it’s suitable for you. In my very own opinion, Linux is good for PC not laptop! Because laptops’ batteries are limited and they can’t support an OS that uses all resources! If you’re going to develop Linux-based applications, I recommend using Mac OS.

All in all, it’s a very very powerful OS at no cost! Don’t forget that Linux OS is free and a lot of smart people working on it.

Hope it helps.

Things you should keep in mind when want to update your computer’s bios

BIOSIt’s about 15 years, give or take, I’m working with computers and believe me yesterday was the first time I attempted to update my computer bios!

During this process, I’ve experienced some amazing stuff and I’m going to share them with you too.

My laptop is a HP G62-a22SE and I like it a lot. I do lots of things with it such as programming, listening to music, surfing the web and gaming sometimes. Yesterday, a friend of mine, suggest me to update my laptop’s bios because it will increase the computer’s performance. So I decided to update it!

I searched for “drivers and support downloads” for my laptop in HP website and found the latest bios update for it which was released in December, 2011. I downloaded and executed the bios update and after it finished, my laptop’s LCD just died!!! It took about 5-6 hours of hard working to get back to normal!!! So because it was a pain in the neck, I highly recommend keeping these tips in your mind before attempting to update your PC’s bios.

Backup your files

It’s necessary to backup your computer before start updating your bios. Also, it’s important to backup in an external drive because your hard drive won’t be accessible if anything wrong happened during update process.

Don’t execute the update app without knowledge

Bios update is not like other applications. When you run the updater, there’s no way to reinstall or uninstall it. Also, most of software updates DON’T get the confirmation for starting the update task and they start immediately after your execute the updater!

Update your PC’s bios only if it’s necessary

All in all, it’s so important to keep in mind that updating your bios is not necessary at all! If your computer is working OK, so you don’t need bios update!

Hope it helps

How to use SOCKS proxy in an iOS device

As you may know, I’m one of the Apple’s fans and love to use my iOS gadgets (iPhone and iPad) in every type of tasks. Many of iOS users are using their iPhones/iPads in enterprise environments and want to connect to their company’s network while at work. In some cases, network administrators set a proxy server so users must connect to that proxy in order to access internal websites and more. As you know, iOS is currently supports HTTP proxy but it’s not enough for many users because their company’s network administrators set SOCKS proxy instead of HTTP!

By the time, there are some applications that can be installed in order to use SOCKS proxy in an iOS device but these apps are only available for jailbroken devices so other users can’t install them!

In this post I want to tell you how to use SOCKS proxy in an unjailbroken iOS device.

Note: In this example I’m using an iPhone to demonstrate the steps but you can use any iOS device; there’s no limitation at all!

The first thing you need is a web server (or any computer which has access to the internet). In this example my webserver is a PC with Windows 7 ultimate installed but you can use any type of web server you want. We use this web server in order to upload a .pac file!

The .pac file

A proxy auto-config (PAC) file defines how web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the appropriate proxy server (access method) for fetching a given URL.

A PAC file contains a JavaScript function "FindProxyForURL(url, host)". This function returns a string with one or more access method specifications. These specifications cause the user agent to use a particular proxy server or to connect directly.

For more information about PAC files Click Here

Now you need to create a PAC file like the following:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
  return "SOCKS";

After you’ve created the PAC file, upload it to your webserver.

Finally, you have to configure your iOS device. In the Setting app, tap on the Wi-Fi and then tap on the arrow in the right side of your selected access point:

WI-FI Networks

Then set HTTP proxy to “Auto” and then enter the URL of the PAC file you’ve uploaded to the webserver in the URL text box.

WI-FI Network Setttings

You’re done! Now you can access to your SOCKS proxy server!

If you have any question about this post, please leave your comments down below and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Hope it helps.

How to lock the function keys in HP laptops

Photo taken from: really believe that HP is one of the best brands in computer industry with its great products. In fact, I’m currently using a HP G62 laptop and I’m really satisfied but one of the things that made me sad about it was the function keys.

As you know, I’m a software developer and using Visual Studio IDE. One of the most important shortcut keys in Visual Studio is F5 that complies and runs the application you’re developing. Since the function keys in HP laptops (some of models) are disabled by default, you have to hold the “fn” key and then press F5 in order to compile your application and it will bother you, I swear!

So in this post, I’m going to show you how you can disable the action keys and get back to the old-style keyboard.

There are lots of solutions over the web. Here’s an example from

1. Press the "Fn" and "Num Lk" keys on the keyboard simultaneously. The "Number Lock" indicator light should turn off, indicating that the letter keys will once again type letters when pressed. This combination should work on the majority of recent HP laptops. If it does not, try one of the alternate key combinations in this article’s remaining steps.

2. Press the "Fn" and "F11" keys simultaneously, then attempt to type a letter. If the combination does not work, continue to the next step.

3. Press the "Fn" and "Scroll Lock" keys simultaneously, then attempt to type a letter. Continue to the next step if this does not work.

4. Press the "Fn," "Scroll Lock" and "F11" keys simultaneously.


Unfortunately, this works only in few models of HP laptops not all of them!

The Solution

  • All you have to do is to go to your machine’s BIOS configuration by pressing F10 on system startup.
  • In the configuration page, navigate to System Configuration tab
  • And finally disable the [Action Key Mode]
  • You’re done!

Now you don’t need to hold “Fn” key when want to press F keys. but if you want to let’s say turn your volume up, you need to hold the “Fn” key.

Hope it helps.

Play nearly all video files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

One of the problems that most of iOS users have is the lake of videos’ extensions support in iOS because it only supports MPEG4 (m4v, mp4) videos. So for instance, if you want to play an AVI video in your iOS device, you have to convert it to MPEG4 and then add it to your iTunes library.

In fact, video encoding is a very time consuming operation and most of people aren’t patient enough for it. About 3 weeks ago I found an app in the AppStore that was so cool and in this post I want to write about my very own experience about it.

The app

GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player

Description From owner

No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, Divx, DAT,VOB,FLV,WMV ,MKV,MP4,RM,RMVB,AC3,HTTP,FTP,RTSP,MMS,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP,UPnP and UDP etc…
Files and streaming directly on iOS devices. Just transfer the media files to your iOS devices by iTunes File Sharing or over Wi-Fi, then it can be played at once. With built-in downloader and browser, it is not just a local movie player, it is "Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player" in fact. And,iPad 2 A5 CPU dual core decoding is supported.


✔ Swipe fingers up/down on playing, to change the subtitle or turn off subtitle on the fly (for media files with subtitles)
✔ Swipe fingers left/right on playing, to change the audio track on the fly (for media files with multiple audio tracks)
✔ TV out/VGA out support , HDMI TV-out and Video Mirroring support( for iPad & iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4 only, please note iPod plugin playing in application does not support TV-out, only native application playing support TV-out)
✔ Universal, supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
✔ srt,smi,"idx+sub",mkv embedded subtitle supported
✔ Lots of subtitle language encoding supported
✔ 24 bits true color, no color information missed
✔ "Open In" feature supported: open video and audio files from Mail
email attachments and Safari web browser
✔ 3gp,aac,ac3,ape,asf,avi,cue,dat,divx,dts,dv,f4v,flac,flv,gxf,iso,m1v,m2p,m2t,m2ts,
rm,rmvb,tp,ts,vob,webm,wm,wma,wav,wmv file formats supported
✔ Subtitle font, font size and font color customization
✔ DTS/AC-3 5.1 audio supported, downmix to stereo
✔ HTTP, FTP, RTSP,MMS,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP and UDP streaming playback
✔ goodplayer:// URL scheme
✔ Auto repeat playback current file switch supported, the default is off.
✔ Built-in file manager supported: move files from folder to folder inside of app,file,delete,file rename,folder creation,folder delete
✔ Two full screen modes: "Crop on Fullscreen" and "Fit on Fullscreen"
✔ Playlist support: every folder is a playlist. Just move the files to a folder, and set the "Settings"–>"Playback"—> "Auto Repeat" to "All Files Loop". During the playback, the files in the folder will be played back one by one automatically.
✔ iPad 2 dual core decoding supported. For iPad 2, dual-core of A5 chip could be used to decode at the same time.
For iPad 2, 720P(1280×720) MKV/H.264/AVC playback supported
For iPad 2, 1024×576 RealVideo (RM/RMVB) playback supported
For iPad 1, 720P(1280×720) AVI/MPEG-4 playback supported
✔ Folder password protection
✔ Left/Right/Stereo Audio Channel selection
✔ HTTP/FTP WiFi file sharing
✔ Blocker for iTunes Sync file backup
✔ SMB/ CIFS/Samba browse/download/streaming supported
✔ UPnP/DLNA supported
✔ AirPlay supported (Note:only for iPod plugin playback mode)







Hope it helps.

Now I’m feeling safer

It’s very important for everyone to get protected against viruses, spywares, etc. especially for those who’re using the internet as a frequently and those who’re using Microsoft Windows™.

These days Microsoft is working a lot on security. It released Windows Defender in windows update and since Windows Vista released, Windows Defender is a part of Windows. It’s releasing monthly security updated to keep its users protected. But as a matter of fact, you’re never protected without a reliable antivirus software. For this, Microsoft released Windows Live OneCare; but as I checked out Top 10 antivirus software ranking, you cannot see it! You cannot see Norton Antivirus, MacAfee Antivirus and Panda Antivirus either!

My BitDefender Internet Security - Photo taken by myself If you check the ranking out, you’ll realize that BitDefender Antivirus is in the first place, Kaspersky Antivirus is in second, Webroot Antivirus is in third! After I checked this out, I said to myself “OK Mohammad, Lets be honest, I need an antivirus software. I have to choose because my AVG is going to expire this week. So what I have to do? I NEED A BITDEFENDER!!!

I’ve bought it!!! and now I’m feeling safer and because I’m using the internet a lot, preferred to buy BitDefender Internet Security 2009 as you can see!

If you’re really want to choose an antivirus or internet security software you need to choose BitDefender because:

  • It’s not expensive: only $39.95 for 3 PCs and 1 year of subscription!
  • It won’t slow down your computer.
  • It will scan your PC, emails, encrypts your IM conversations
  • It has a new File Vault that securely stores your personal information (Outstanding feature)
  • It scans your computer very face (It scans my 320Gb hard drive in less than 40 minutes)
  • It has a new family network protection.
  • It has a very useful game mode protection that enables you to play games like when you haven’t an antivirus.
  • And it has 24/7 free support.

For the last part, please check out one of its user’s reviews:

For those seeking the best antivirus software for the money AND an “install and forget” proposition, BitDefender is the right choice earning the “TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.” Not only does it protect your computer and files, but BitDefender is easy to use, light on your computer and, maybe most importantly, light on your pocketbook.

No matter how technically capable any piece of software may be, the productivity enhancement it offers is only effective if people use it. This is especially true in antivirus software. The primary reasons people fail to protect their computers from a variety of malware are the cost and the ‘burden’ of installing and maintaining antivirus software. The best protection in the world is worthless if people find it cumbersome and distracting to use.

The same holds true for price. This is the beauty of BitDefender: It provides comprehensive protection, takes up little space on your computer, costs less and requires little maintenance. If you’re a gamer you should consider the special GameSafe edition of BitDefender Antivirus.


The first hard-working experience in 2009

Photo taken from: It’s about 2-3 weeks that I’m very busy and I have no time to do anything! As a matter of fact, I’m handling 3 applications in one time and it’s very difficult to manage these works together. In this post I’m going to describe a little about my projects.

Pocket PC application

As I mentioned before, I’ve developed an application based on Windows Mobile which enables waiters to take customer’s orders much easier and without any paper. Most of this application’s sections are as same as other applications except that, they have lots of specific accounting calculations and some of them are extremely difficult to implement.


This self-project needs a lot of codes! I’ve finished a starting point of its engine and one of its modules and currently I’m currently working on the second module of this portal. For more information about System.Web.Portal, you can check out my previous post about it.

Travel Agency Application

My main work is a reservation application for a travel agency. In fact, it has a lot to do and the application is so big! It’s about 4-5 months that I’m working on it and it doesn’t finished yet!

My usual work

It’s a natural thing that I’m working for a company; so I have to go to work every morning and come back every afternoon. This part waist my time a lot but it’s necessary and company doesn’t care about my other applications so I have to do my best at work.

Overweight is hurting me

It’s about a year that I really upset about my weight and I did anything to solve this issue but nothing happened. I went to a doctor whose profession was nutrition and asked him to do something. He told me to take a blood test for my thyroid gland but after I took the result of that test, found out that my thyroid gland has no problem.

I started to exercise in order to lose fat by registering in a bodybuilding club but some stuff like my job, family problems, etc. prevented me to continue. I also used to go to a park near my house and ran for an hour every night but it had no effect.

There are a lot of websites which give you lots of information about losing fat and I think the best one is MSN Health. I read a lot of articles there and tried to control my eating but as a matter of fact, I am a developer who’re spending a lot time behind a table and developing applications. For instance, I spend about 4 hours on my new project (System.Web.Portal) today because I’m going to release the first beta version in few weeks and as I know, there is no way!

A few days ago, I decided to go outdoors more and walk on 10 PM every night because I’m busy every day until that time. If you have any idea about how can I lose fat, please comment it.