About me

My name is Mohammad Mahdi Ramezanpour; a 28 years old software developer from Iran.


I started developing applications since the age of 13 with Qbasic on MS DOS 6.22. After less than a year, I introduced to VB 6 on Microsoft Windows and developed my first GUI application. Two years after that, started to develop web-based applications using classic ASP version 3.

When .NET framework introduced by Microsoft, I migrated most of my projects to .NET, started coding with C# and continued working with this language until now.

Since most applications are database-driven, having strong database skills were essential. Consequently, I started to work with SQL databases simultaneously. Currently, my projects are using Sqlite, MySQL and SQL Server while some of them using NoSQL databases.

In 2010, while was developing with C# at work, migrated to Linux at home and started to learn its internals. At the same time, I got familiar with C/C++ programming languages and felt in love with them and developed a few applications using Qt framework.

In 2012, I bought an MD-101 MacBook Pro and developed my first-ever smartphone application using Objective-C and C++. Also developed couple of Mac applications using both Objective-C and C++ (with Qt).

Nowadays, my main focus is on Linux, C and C++ while having some sort of fun with Python as well.

Hardware I am using

I have two laptops:

Software I am using

  • Firefox for browsing the web
  • VIM as my primary text editor for coding.
  • Codelite when debugging with gdb becomes a pain in the neck
  • Visual Studio for C# development at work.
  • Calibre to organize my e-books.
  • Gedit as a text editor outside the terminal.
  • LibreOffice for creating docs, sheets and presentations.
  • VLC for watching videos.
  • Cmus for listening to music.
  • GNOME as my window manager.
  • Fedora as my primary operating system.


To contact me, please send your emails to (i @ ramezanpour . net). I also have a Twitter account as well: http://twitter.com/ramezanpour

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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