Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mohammad Mahdi Ramezanpour. I have started developing software at the age of 13 with QBasic and then Visual Basic. After .NET Framework introduced by Microsoft, I migrated all of my project to .NET and became a .NET Developer for almost a decade.

During that time I have also developed iOS applications alongside .NET and successfully completed 4 iOS applications.

4 years ago, after been using Microsoft technology stack for maybe 11 years, I decided to try new stacks as well. So, I started learning and using Linux alongside Python programming language. After maybe 3 month these became my main stack! I moved completely from Windows to ArchLinux and developed all of my projects using Python as the programming language and PostgreSQL as my main database engine of choice.

As I totally drowned in the Linux Shell, I felt in love with Shell scripting. When the program I am about to develop is small, I prefer to use Bash instead of other scripting languages.

My preferred text editors of choice are VSCode and vim. I use VSCode because vim doesn’t support Persian language as good as VSCode does. I have also published my .vimrc and some other configuration files on GitHub.

This blog is supposed to be my dairy. Whenever I learn a new thing, I will publish it here. It also worths noting that all of opinions here are my own.

Last but not least, this blog is proudly powered by Jekyll.