Everybody is talking dark right now; so here's my dark preferences

During the last few years, dark themes are getting more and more popular and everybody is turning the lights off. Operating systems introduced dark mode, text editors’ and IDEs’ default color schema are dark now. Some websites like Twitter and Reddit now have Switch to dark mode setting.

Now that everybody is living in dark, here are my dark mode preferences:

Operating systems

I have turned on the dark mode on macOS as well as iOS. I don’t use any custom background image and prefer to stick with one of the built-ins. I don’t use night shift settings because I hate to see my screens turn red despite the fact that it’s good for my eyes and will help boost my sleep quality.

Editors configurations

My text editors of choice are Vim and Visual Studio Code. I’ve been using VSCode’s default dark theme but recently I have switched to Dracula theme and I loved it.

"Dracula theme screenshot"

When using Vim, I use the evening theme. I have tried a lot of themes from flazz/vim-colorschemes and returned to evening.

"Vim evening theme screenshot"

Browser extension

In general, I prefer light over dark when browsing the web. However, I turn on dark mode for certain websites such as Github. Some websites already have the dark-mode switch but most of then don’t. To solve this, you can use one of many browser extensions to help you turn the lights off. The extension I use is Darkreader. It is very simple and cross browser.

Darkreader browser extension

Update 1 (Mar. 1st 2020): It seems Ubuntu 20.04 will have the dark mode settings as well. More info

26 Feb 2020