Updates to my blog including shutting the comment section down

For almost 10 years, I have been using the Disqus comment management system to manage my posts’ comments. Last year, when I was moving to Germany, I have decided to hide the comment section by default. The main reason behind the idea was, since Disqus is considered a third-party and it is using cookies, and to prevent displaying the annoying pop-up informing visitors that “the website is using cookies”, I hide it until users really want to leave a comment (or viewing them). After near a year, I think that the comment section is not useful anymore; therefore, I decided to remove it completely this time.

People who blog these days are not looking for comments or impressions. They just write because they love to. I can vividly see that the amount of bloggers decreased significantly during the last 5-7 years and the main reason of that is social media. Most people prefer to just send their updates through series of tweets or Facebook posts. So, their social network get informed automatically. On the other hand, I think nearly all people who still blog are not doing it because they want to inform visitors or keep them up-to-date.

In addition to the comment section, I also removed the bootstrap CSS library. I have been using this to implement the theme. However, a few days back, I decided to implement the simplest grid system ever existed (as it was my main dependency to Bootstrap) and remove it completely.

After removing the Bootstrap, I can finally say that this blog is just pure HTML and around 200 lines of CSS. And, due to the fact that I don’t use any analytics or trackers (I removed Google Analytics about a year ago), there’s no Javascript is used as well!

09 Jan 2022